Friday, December 04, 2009


We've had our car for nearly five years now {no, not an e-type jag, a holden astra...} and I've never really found much of a use for cruise control. On the freeway from Newcastle to Sydney I tend to find that people slow down and cut in front of me so much that cruising at a certain speed just isn't viable.

However, I've found the best use for it - in School Zones. Sticking to the 40km limit in a school zone is never easy. I find that I keep glancing down at the speedo to check I'm not speeding - which negates the purpose of the limit as I probably won't see any children darting out before me.

Now what I do is slow to 40km before the school zone and pop the car in cruise control. It keeps me at an even speed and I can keep my eyes peeled for any children {or parents who jaywalk!} instead of on the speedo!


  1. Great idea! That should stop me having to pull those pesky kids out from under my car. LOL


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