Friday, December 04, 2009

fabulously friday

T'is Friday, and the weekend's stretching out ahead. Ahhhhh. We're already into the hectic social whirl. My dad and step-mother left after their week's visit on Wednesday morning, and now we're settling into my mum and step-father's visit.

Hubby's had the day off to be apprentice to my step-father as they extend our rear veranda a little to the side to give us a wee bit more space for the bbq and tables. I imagine that's a weekend job!

Mum and I are off to see the film about Valentino at some stage on the weekend and on monday it's our 8th wedding anniversary - shall have to do something to celebrate that non?

Meanwhile enjoy this gorgeous shot of Miss Dita in Dior. Guess how much I want that outfit {especially the shoes!} for our Christmas social engagements?


  1. shoes way too high! i do like the colour of the dress though. I wish I had green eyes to go with it!

  2. Oooh, I don't think I've ever thought a shoe is too high... except some of those runway numbers where the platform at the front is as high as some of my heels! I too wish I had green eyes - and red hair - always wanting what you don't have...


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