Friday, December 18, 2009

freaky friday

I just cannot believe that it's Friday - and that Christmas is only a week away!!! Why is time so zoomariffic at this time of year?

We've been busy - again. Last night I was a carpenter's apprentice to my new handyman hubby and I held slats while he nailed them in. Now the area behind the bbq has lovely white slats screening us off from the neighbours. Yes, pictures to come...

Husband's also been attacking anything that stands still with a paintbrush. The floorboards in the pavilion look brilliant in white. He also gave the storage box in the pavilion another coat and our outdoor table had two coats last night. Oh, our backyard's looking like a Hollywood smile at the moment!

We also survived the first day of school holidays - thanks to a playdate. This afternoon our gal's going into her Dadda's work for two hours after lunch {he's having an early mark to play golf!}. She's v excited and wants to take her satchel just like Dadda's, dress in a button-up shirt like Dadda and take an apple and a muesli bar just like Dadda. Bless.

I'll be working, and trying to do bits and pieces of housework in-between. So missing my live-in staff!

Are you ready for Christmas?


  1. Such a cute little playhouse/garden retreat thingy. Might need to get me one of those!

  2. I know - damned UK with every single cute thing you need just readily available! This shot was from a feature where they took the garden house and decorated in in a few different styles! I want to just plonk it down in my garden!!!


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