Friday, December 11, 2009

friday, ooooh fabulous!

We started our weekend really, really early this week with a fabulous dinner with friends last night. Champagne, cheese, radishes, baguettes, french butter, duck, crispy-fluffy roasted potatoes, spectacular salads, wine and all finished off with a delish fresh fruit salad made for the perfect evening. It got a bit chilly, so at 8pm the gals donned wetsuits and swam in the pool - having a blast. Sure, not the most sensible option - but it is the silly season.

Our wee lass slept in till nearly 8.30 this morning (after going to bed over an hour past her bedtime - whoopsies) but as school's winding down at the moment I don't think she missed much by being 30 minutes late.

Busy weekend our way. I've got quite a few deadlines, today, monday and next friday so I'll be working away. Husband-of-the-year shall be painting - the doors on the pool equipment room that my step-dad built - and hopefully the wicker furniture in the pavilion. On Sunday we're off to another set of dear friends for lunch. I'm taking sweets - so shall be devising something seasonal - and may well serve them in cocktail glasses {you know, cos it's christmas and all}.

Oooooh, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


  1. That room is just beautiful! Your dinner sounds divine too. Yum!

  2. Gorgeous isn't it! And oh yes, dinner was sublime - all my favourite things (with my favourite friends!)

  3. Gosh - that room is so beautiful. It's a place where I think I could sit and solve all the world's problems!

  4. Exactly, Julie - here's hoping my husband's painting skills bring our pavilion by the pool a touch of that beauty.


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