Monday, December 14, 2009

happy monday

Hi, how's your week looking? Mine's looking mighty fine. I've already sent off one of the articles due today, and now just have to polish off the other one and send it.

Tonight's the Christmas picnic at school where we get to watch our gal and all her friends sing Christmas carols {so sweet}.

Husband's at home slapping a final coat of paint on the floor of the pavilion {looks FANTASTIC}. I've decided to do a wee spot of on-line Christmas shopping to tidy off a few loose ends when I have a few minutes to kill. On Wednesday I'm driving down to Sydney to have a Christmas catch-up lunch with my old workmates - I've missed those gals and it'll be a hoot to meet up again.

Our lunch with friends yesterday was just blissful. The ideal recharge you need at times like this. I'm pretty sure now that all I need is that rug in this picture here - hello gorgeous!

Enjoy your week!


  1. Sounds like a great week! Enjoy!

  2. My monday was wet and cold :( enjoy all your festive events

  3. Oh PPMJ on a side note, I love that bed.

    Just wondering, with your fabulous decorator eye where you recommend I go to find a bed like the one in the picture, although as a single? In Sydney? Would LOVE to hear from you. Will be buying E a 'big girl's bed' in the coming months and am loving beds like the one in this picture.

    Thanks x P23.

  4. Thanks girls!

    Now, PTT, we bought our gal a wrought iron bed from one of the major stores - i think it's Sleep City - virtually identical to the ones at Laura Ashley. Very pretty indeed!


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