Saturday, December 26, 2009

here's a thought

Two days before Christmas my gal asked me to take her to Westfield. She'd done her research on the internet and wanted to buy me and her Dadda a Christmas present. Money in her pink purse, tucked inside her gold, sequinned clutch, we went shopping.

For her Dadda she went to KikkiK "He's always very busy and his desk at work's a mess, so I want to buy him a desk organiser". One very smart organiser/day planner later, with a matching pen, we toddled off. Outside Laura Ashley I was told to wait, while my gal walked inside. I sneaked a peek and saw her standing at the counter, chatting to the saleswoman and my heart just swelled. So grown-up. On Christmas morning I opened up a really pretty Laura Ashley calendar from my gorgeous child.

The thought she'd put into those gifts was just gorgeous at her age. She knows that I live by my calendar, love a pretty one, and adore Laura Ashley. Bless her socks.

We left her behind at her grandparents when we came home last night. She's determined to wring out every moment that she can spend with her English cousins and Uncle and Aunt who are staying there at the moment. I miss my gal, but am so pleased that she's following her heart.


  1. I'm impressed with your girl's thoughtfulness. I'm not sure my two would have thoguth of anythign for me by themsleves.

    Anyway I have awarded you a blog award over on my blog. Drop by when you have time.

  2. Oh, thank you so much E - that's so very, very sweet of you! What a lovely Christmas pressie x


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