Thursday, December 24, 2009

one more sleep...

Ready? Excited? I'm excited, and almost ready. I decided to do a dash to Coles last night at 9.30. It normally closes at 10pm, but I was pretty sure it'd be open till at least midnight.

I was wrong.

So digging in my bag for my list I prepared to run through and shop in 30 minutes.

I'd left my note at home.

Frantically recalling my list of essentials, and ingredients for the two items I'm cooking for supper with the family I got through and was at the checkout at 9.55pm.


I got home, unpacked, and, yep, I'd forgotten something.

See, I've decided to make chicken christmas crackers - chicken mince, lemon zest, shallots, tarragon, garlic and prosciutto wrapped in filo pastry with the ends twisted to look like christmas crackers. Cute non?

So, out of all those ingredients there are two key essentials: chicken mince and filo.

I forgot the filo.

So I'm sending husband off to Coles at lunchtime when he finishes work. He's probably safer to park here and walk the 1km to the supermarket...

Hope you all have a rather fabulous Christmas. If you're not quite in the Christmas spirit yet - allow this to imbue you with festive fabulousness. I'm dying to hear about what Santa brought you.

See you again on Boxing Day. xxxxx


  1. Merry Christmas to you and your lovely little family. Hope you have a wonderful day with at least one glass of french!


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