Friday, December 18, 2009

parisian perfection

Guess where I've got a hankering to visit? Go on, guess. Ahhh yes, Paris is calling. Can you believe that this is an actual apartment that's available to rent? I wouldn't be game to stay in this delish apartment as I would seriously DIE having a view of the Eiffel Tower that sublime...

Check it out - and others just like it - at

Must start saving...


  1. Oh PPMJ twas 1 year tomorrow that we left for our Parisian Christmas and I have been ever so nostaglic these past few days. My OBSESSION before we left was searching for the perfect apartment through all those sites and I loved to drool over some of the amazing ones that were available. It is the only way to stay in Paris - unless of course you can be at George V of course! Have a little look at our one...not quite as spesh but not bad for the 6 of us (and little Daise of course!). Happy weekend :)

  2. Oh my lord - that apartment - with a freakin' elevator - and a real kitchen!!! Am dying.
    Last time we stayed in a gorgeous little apartment in the Marais -fourth floor, no lift, typical parisian kitchen... loved every square millimetre of it.

    I must do a Parisian christmas before I die...


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