Wednesday, December 02, 2009

plastic surgery's bad, okay

Guess who this is?

No, it's okay, I'll wait...

Still haven't got it?

Look again.

He's an actor.

A British actor.

Used to be devastatingly handsome.

And looked nothing like this.

Give in?

You sure?

Okay, I'll spill...

It's Rupert Everett.

I kid you not.


  1. Exsqueeze me? Say it ain't so...

  2. No. It can't be? You're kidding me?

  3. IT IS!!!!! I saw him a few months ago and nearly died - but now he's had more surgery and doesn't look anything like himself. So sad, he was a total spunk before - and part of that was because he had a gloriously lined forehead! Now? Shiny, shiny...

  4. I got it eventually but dare I ask, what KIND of surgery has he had?

    Extra puff added to the face?

    Lord. He looks like he has some kind of liver toxicity or kidney problem!

  5. Megs: He's had work done on his forehead - but it's the eyes that got me... And yes, fillers are probably at play, hence the puffiness.

  6. Oh yuck, and he was so gorgeous...that he's gay nevermind.

  7. Oh dear - what a great shame. Just goes to show men succumb to this whole issue of thinking they need to be young and shiny too.


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