Monday, December 21, 2009

point and shoot party

Chantelle at FatMumSlim offered a challenge to point at shoot this weekend. So here goes. Gal had three pals over for a pool party on Saturday. Much fun, giggling and splashing. Mezze plates and blue Mermaid Mocktails were the order of the day - along with a pool party cake that we decorated in mere moments.

There were games of musical mermaids {like musical statues where you freeze when the music stops - but, you know, in the water}. We'd bought plastic leis and the girls had to swim up and pop their head through them, handstand comps. But lots of spontaneous fun.

Summer lovin' - that's what it's all about


  1. It doesn't seem that long ago that I was having my own mermaid parties! FABULOUS cake Mumma! May I suggest a sprinkler in the corner of the pool that "mermaids" can use as a waterfall? I LOVED that...ah the memories...

  2. How beautiful is your pool? I'm officially jealous.

    I hope you had fun too. xx

  3. yes Chantelle, we're a bit in love with the pool! And yes, we had much fun!

  4. Awesome cake! Looks good enough to dive into!

  5. Thanks Two Tuesdays - it was sprinkled with blue jelly crystals over the icing so it was doubly-delish!


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