Sunday, December 27, 2009

shiny shiny

We've just spent the entire day cleaning, tidying and tossing out. There are boxes of books to go to the salvos, piles of rediscovered books that I'm salivating to read, bags of clothes for cousins and {again} salvos and the recycling bin's full.

I've found stacks of old photos {which make me feel positively aged!} and loads of other good things - and unearthed a lot that I really don't need. I know that there's stuff that we haven't used this year, so that's it - it's outta here.

Just having a short break before I get back into it. There's nothing like a rainy day to spur you into action is there?


  1. You pack boxes on boxing day? How novel! Hope you got organised...

  2. Apparently it's a tradition, and, you know me, must follow tradition. Keep walking around my house thinking it's someone elses... so tidy!


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