Friday, December 04, 2009


I just finished nibbling on wasabi peas. Are they the ultimate snack? Crunchy, tasty - and sinus-clearing. Perfect.

What's your favourite nibble?


  1. hmmmm...i do like pistachio nuts..or those soya crisps...or cheds..and i really loved roasted salted seaweed!!!!! I sometimes can eat like 3 packets in a row (though each packet is only like 8 grams or something...)I hate wasabi

  2. Mmm, salted seaweed sounds amazing - I'll have to look for them.

  3. I love wasabi peas! Though they can at times be so strong that they make me feel like jumping out of my skin! There was a wasabi pea & rice cracker mix I liked, which I think was produced by Sakata, but I can't find them in the supermarket any more. Other snacks I like include Kettle chips & cheezels!

  4. you can also get wasabi macadamia nuts...ewww

    You can get the seaweed in asian supermarkets. Some varieties and brands are lot better than others

  5. Yes Wini, these ones are perfect - just enough bite - not too much...

    I have to trek to an asian supermarket on the weekend for sushi rice and a few other odds and sods, so I'll look out for that roasted, salted seaweed Clarissa!

  6. I am impartial to chilli corn.

    But I also love dried apricots. The nice big round ones, not the Turkish ones.

    And let's face it, a tube of Pringles is great. But yes, once I pop unfortunately I don't really stop...

  7. Big fat turkish dried apricots are the only kind PTT - and yep, that's why Pringles are stricly party-only food in this house! What kind of sicko would only eat one?


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