Wednesday, December 23, 2009

take two

Because it's Christmas I'm giving you the gift of TWO shoes of the week. So generous. The multi-coloured pretties are Louboutin's while the more traditional scarlet numbers are Oscar de la Renta. If visions of cocktail parties are swimming in your head this festive season can you imagine a more delightful way to encase your feet?

I'm pretty sure I've planned my Christmas wardrobe: Christmas Eve I'm going for a dove grey, hot pink and black frock - with my hot pink wedges I bought in Paris {you know, just so you can casually throw into conversation, "Oh these, I picked them up in Paris..."}. Christmas Day I'm tossing up between a black frock with white polka dots - or my electric blue frock - both with scarlet heels and lips.

Two more sleeps...


  1. Capital F for fabulous! That reminds me of last Christmas...when I was in Paris for Christmas...did I mention I was in Paris last year!? ;

  2. Arrr, I want to go to Paris!!!!!!! Maybe thi syear if I save my pocket money...and can get rid of all my children. Any takers?


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