Tuesday, December 15, 2009

this is it

Hey, guys, I'm a bit beside myself, because, guess what? It's my 1000th post. I KNOW!

I've met some pretty amazing people since I've been blogging - some I now consider friends. I think the blogging world is mighty spesh and am damned proud to be a part of it.

I'm a tad on the blown-away side that this here is number 1000 - so much so that I'm danged if I know what to write.

Well, apart from thank you for reading, for commenting and for sharing your life with me xxx


  1. YAY! For you...and for me...first comment!

    Congrats on your 1000th post - goodness me you are waaaaaay ahead of me. I so enjoy stopping by every day and reading your funny insights and looking at your beautiful home and other images and hearing about your fabulous family. Thank YOU for sharing with us.

    This warrants a champagne no?

  2. Thanks Beth - you are a doll! Such a lovely, lovely first comment!

    And yes, of course it warrants champagne! Let's share one together {virtually of course!} xxx

  3. Wow, that is impressive! I thought it said 100 but I looked again and it's 1000!


  4. Congratulations my special friend! It's sad that I have to read your blog to catch up on your life as we live blocks from each other. But I do enjoy it very much and our real life catch ups even more. xxx

  5. wow!!!
    oh my, that's alottta posts.
    fabulous daaarling, fabulous!
    congrats and I so love to pop in to visit you everyday ♥
    all the very best for the new year.

  6. Congratulations PPMJ!
    I'm only up to 81 posts so far so I am ever so impressed with 1000!

    Thank you for your beautiful blog, I love to read it and while I'm at it, thank you also for the lovely comments you leave on mine. They are really really appreciated.

    Hope you have your party hat on and a champagne flute in your hand! xo

  7. 1000! Wow! Congratulations, it is very impressive.

  8. Awwww shucks all my lovelies - you're what makes it all worthwhile!

    Now, if you'll all excuse me, I'm off to get a bit teary!

  9. Hurray!!! No one will ever know that you're that old {wink}.

  10. Fantastic work PPMJ. A big fat congrats. I hope you had some champagne to celebrate. x P23

  11. Alex: I know - I should have spelt it out - still can't believe it myself!
    Gina: xxx
    Julie: Thank you!
    Cathie: Such a lovely comment - thank you! Your trail of sparkles on your blog makes me smile twice as wide as your gorgeous images and lovely words.
    Megs: oh, thank you. It's always so nice to hear you're making an impression!
    Kathryn: Thank you so much!
    Belinda: Thank you!
    Frannie: Hah! My grey roots give it away though!
    PTT: Of COURSE I had champagne! Pretty sure it's illegal not to...

    Thank you all so much. Your comments and blogs mean so much to me xx


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