Sunday, January 31, 2010

simply sunday

The last two nights we've had torrential downpours while we've slept - which means that today, a mild, sunny 25 degrees, is the perfect gardening day. We're going to top up some soil in the planter boxes out by the pool, mulch and fertilise.

What have you got planned for this summery sunday?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

you may kiss the bride

Chanel Neon Baroque collection? Oh I do, I do, I do, I do, I do, I DO!

pink of perfection

Have a glorious weekend and make sure you do something today that makes you smile.

Friday, January 29, 2010

bonjour mon petit chou

Guess what? I've just enrolled in my Beginner's French lesson at the Alliance Francais and je suis un peu ecstatic! Even though I studied French for two years at school {read: stared out the window thinking how much I hated my teacher and asking if yoplait really was french for yoghurt...} and am able to speak the basics I decided to go with the beginner's class rather than continuing beginners so that I get it right from the start.

Now you know I'm going to go all frocked up in black and white stripes and red-lipsticked to the first night don't you and everyone there will find me tres tragique... Don't care - too excited. Now, pass me the baguettes, the rillettes, the cornichon, the radishes and the champagne - there's celebrating to be done!

happy friday

Well, it's the end of the first week back at school - and normality has returned. This weekend we've got nothing planned - not a thing. We'll just potter about and get stuff done - whatever stuff needs to get done. There will be swimming, there will be walking, sadly there will also be school book covering {inventor of contact: I do not heart you}...

And tonight there will be champagne drinking while the sun goes down. Oh my, yes indeed...

Thursday, January 28, 2010


One of my worst habits is putting things in an odd spot. You know, I'll come in, fling the keys on the {un-made} bed and then, when I attempt to go out will fluff around trying to find them {funnily enough I always look on the key-hanger in the kitchen first - but never put the damned things on there first...}. So, just now, I was searching for my daughter's Smiggle calculator as she needs one to take to school. Didn't find it but I did find around 45 pencil cases, 25 erasers, 15 pencil sharpeners, enough textas to deck out the entire school - and her 2007 Santa photo.

I'm trying to get all her santa photos together so I can arrange them all from her first when she was nearly one, till the modern day. So at Christmas I found all but 2007 and 2003 and displayed them proudly along the sideboard. Then, I gathered them all up and put them in a safe place. Now, I've just gone to put the 2007 photo with all the rest - and am damned if I can find the stupid safe place.

I know it's not behind the jar of nutella in between the lasagne noodles and coriander and lime microwave rice - mainly because I found a packet of AAA batteries there. Perfect spot for them really - not in the drawer a mere few steps away where I keep batteries and rechargers. Nope, that'd be stupid because if robbers came in they'd be able to steal all my batteries because they were in such a damned obvious spot.

So, from today I'm finding a perfect spot for everything and NO MATTER WHAT I'm putting whatever it is wherever it belongs. Pinky swear!

edge of normality

Back to school today and how blissful that is. I've loved the school holidays, but am so thankful to return to reality. I like having my days laid out in an orderly manner.

One very excited child packed her bag for school this morning. I was tres organised and had servings of home-made pikelets ready to go in the freezer {we made Nigella's american breakfast pancakes on Tuesday and with the leftovers I made a week's worth of pikelets - too easy} and last night I made a batch of mini quiches {potato and chorizo - as per my gal's request}. When the requisite first day of hairstyle was done {high plaits were called for "as neat as school photo day" was the request} one shiny shoed and beaming gal trotted off to school.


So I've got a story to work on, a desktop on my computer to clean up and coffee to be consumed. Tonight we're having panko/gremolata crumbed pork cutlets for dinner and I'm already salivating. They're dead easy - chop flat-leaf parsley, the zest of one lemon and a garlic clove or two together to make gremolata and then mix that with equal parts of panko breadcrumbs. Dip pork cutlets {smooshed with a meat mallet - or rolling pin in my case - so they're thin enough to cook through evenly} in beaten egg that's been seasoned with salt and pepper then press the panko gremolata mix into them evenly. Shallow fry in olive oil and butter mix until golden brown {finish off in a 180 degree oven for five mins if you're not sure about their doneness}. Serve to a fawning audience with a red cabbage and almond coleslaw {yoghurt, garlic and lemon dressing - yum}.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

school daze

My school reunion is coming up in 10 weeks. Eek. It's been 75 years since I left school, and about 74 years since I've seen any old school friends {dates approximate}. Must say that I'm glad there hasn't been a reunion earlier because I probably would have found myself fretting and dieting myself into a frenzy for it. Now I'm happy to acknowledge that I'm not the skinny girl who left high school. I'm also not the insecure girl with the self-esteem issues that went along with that size 10 clothing tag.

Nope, I'll be happy to frock up in something fabulous {do you think I could find some 50s Dior divinity at my local op-shops?} and look forward to catching up with some old {literally} friends.

I wonder who'll have invented post-its...

love is all you need

On such a grey old day my thoughts are turning to my blessings: lovely husband, sweet daughter, great family, gorgeous friends - and all of my new bloggy friends. I adore how the blogging world has filled a part of my life with so many amazing people. Thanks x

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

food flight

Every now and then, when I have a spare moment, I start adding a little research to my holiday files. Interestingly, around 95 per cent of the experiences I'm aiming for while in Paris are food-related - but that's okay non?

totally tuesday

It's a quiet old Australia Day in this household. My husband's taken our daughter and her bestie down to Westfield Bondi Junction for some shopping and I'm home getting some work done. I've realised lately that I'm quite shopping phobic. While my sister-in-law was out here she and our niece went shopping. They left at 8.30am and got home at 6pm after spending the day at our local Westfield. I was horrified - what could they do? Shopped apparently. Window-shopped, actual-shopped, lunched in David Jones...

When it comes to shopping centres I like to get in, get what I need then quickly leave. There's no browsing. The only way I know about something new is if I've seen it on-line or in a magazine. Window shopping is a form of personal hell {unless I'm checking out the windows of high end stores in Paris - that I can do...}

But op-shops... Now that's different. See, in an op-shop I can uncover treasure. I never know what to expect and am often surprised. A new op-shop's opening in my neighborhood on Feb 3. My gal cracked that I'd probably set up a mattress and camp out on the doorstep over night. Which got me to thinking...

Monday, January 25, 2010

meal planning monday

The start of the school week means starting fresh with menu planning. I'm over fretting at the last minute what to cook and spending a fortune on groceries. So here goes:

tonight: mini pizza and salad
tuesday: beef, spinach and brocolini stir fry
wednesday: gremolata and panko-crumbed pork cutlets with red cabbage coleslaw
thursday: thai marinated chicken thighs grilled on the bbq with a green salad
friday: crispy skin salmon, lemon potato slices and green salad
saturday: steak and salad bbq night
sunday: husband and child's night to cook: mexican or home-made pizza!

Wednesday night I'll also be whipping up some mini frittata or mini quiche for the gal's lunch. Surprisingly simple and fills her up till home time.

mmmmm mustard

If you'd have told me that my fave look from the SAG awards would have asymetrical shoulders and would be in a fetching shade of mustard I would have laughed till I burst something.

But here's Diane Kruger in my fave frock of the night {sans my fave accessory of hers - Pacey!} The look's reminiscent of Michelle Williams and her fabulous yellow oscar frock with scarlet lips - but I'm thinking Kruger has upped it a notch.

Now, here's the thing I don't get about award shows. Why is it that films and television are all about suspension of belief. We're meant to believe that this actor is a totally different person, maybe that they can fly, that they'll totally survive an explosion that propels them 40 feet in the air via flames and toxic gasses... And yet, there's barely an actor who believes that when they go up to present or acknowledge their success the microphone is capable of picking up speech if the mouth is not directly in front of it.

Stop slouching people!

Why, oh why do so many people bend down to the microphone? It's just maddening.

rose gold beauties

Monday should start off nicely don't you think? So here's a rose gold Valentino with a peep toe to start off your day. I have olive skin so rose gold tones don't manage to bring out the yellow like traditional gold can. Wouldn't these look divine with a navy skirt?

So, what are your plans for the week? School's back on thursday so we'll be getting the uniforms ready, planning meals and working out the ideal 'back-to-school' hairstyle. Busy, busy.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

a little shhhhhhh

Today I'm on go-slow. I woke slowly, had a big bowl of coffee, slowly swept the debris from the pavilion after yesterday's windstorm and now I'm slowly browsing through a few blogs and am just going to chill.

Hubby and I will go for a walk with our gal later on, down to the beach, and she can check out the playground equipment while we breathe in the salty air - and maybe jump on a swing ourselves.

There were big hugs and tears at the departure gates yesterday as we saw off my sister-in-law and our two nieces. It's bittersweet having adored relatives who live so far away. It does mean we've got a base to go visit them when we hit the UK, and that we get an intense few weeks when they come out here, but there's no casual drop-in - and phone calls have to be timed precisely {something I completely suck at}.

It's been a busy few months, and I've enjoyed every second of them, but today, I think a bit of relaxation's in order. I need to recharge and gear up for school starting this week {hurrah! although there's a larger hurrah from a certain young lass who's made herself an I heart school badge and is displaying it on her jammies as we speak!}.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

happy weekend

We're driving the English relatives to the airport today. Much tears will be shed. At least we've got our trip next year to look forward to.

What about you? What are your plans for the weekend? Hopefully lots of rest interspersed with plenty of fun!

Friday, January 22, 2010

done and done

Two articles sent off. House relatively tidy. Child happy after a swim. Mother happy after a swim. Guess what I need now? Go on, try? Can't say I'd say no to a cocktail 'round about now...

perfect places

I need a cleaner. Stat! My floor is covered with bits of popcorn, crackers and sugar {detritus from the party yesterday!} there are towels and swimmers on every surface and let's not even discuss the state of my bathroom.

Combine this with a child who'd quite like to be entertained, a writer who needs to finish two articles and the arrival of my father and step-mother tonight and you have one grey-hair sprouting, shallow-breathing lil black duck on your hands...

I think I'll have to do the basics. 1. Pay the 10-year-old to vacuum the house. 2. Take her for a swim and 3. Mop the bathroom floor and wipe down the vanity and mirror. 4. Finish first article off by lunchtime. 5. Finish second article off by 3pm. 6. Arrange a simple dinner of great bbq steaks and salad. 7. Breathe...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

something shiny

I'm a Magpie who's seriously taken by anything shiny. So, although I've got much to do today {am hosting my goddaughter's 5th birthday party here this afternoon! Because her home's back in England...} these shiny shoes will keep my spirits high.

Bouyed by the success of the angel food cake on my daughter's birthday I'm making angel food cupcakes today - you know, because if something succeeds why not tweak it? Fingers crossed it'll work out just fine...

Oh, and these pretty shoes are by Valentino - thus proving that good taste and shininess can go hand in hand {although I am taken with Kellyansapansa's explanation of Judith Leiber's purses...}. Enjoy your Thursday!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

messing with my head

Just in case that very attractive camel purse I featured earlier this week didn't tickle your fancy, or left you with too much small change swishing about, here's another Judith Leiber purse. In the shape of Ganesh.

You're welcome.

Oh, and it's nearly five thousand pounds... Or you could donate that to Haiti relief and rummage around in your kid's toybox and find something similar.

Up to you.

for your viewing pleasure

Please head over here if you like your men stylish. Please note the restraint I utilised in not posting a pic of Monseur Depp {but had to mention him anyway...}

schleeepy head

We had friends for dinner last night - much champagne and rich food was consumed. Hence, I'd quite like to be curled up in a bed as inviting as this. However, instead, I'm taking two girls out for the day - they're tossing up between a movie {Princess and the Frog - not, thank goodness that awful Alvin and the Chipmonks - squeaking and my present foggy head would not be a pretty match} or bowling.

Only one week left of these school holidays - I don't know how the Americans cope with a whole summer off. Summer school perhaps?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

oh bless!

Chivalry at its sexiest {I always thought that Pacey totally kicked Dawson's ass...}

frill seekers

When it comes to high fashion, particularly for awards nights, I like a bit of razammataz. The plain and the safe can stay at home. I want ruffles, I want glitz, I want to wonder.

That's why the Best and Worst of fashion awards shows always bug me. My Best awards may not go for the perfect frock - they give a hurrah to those who are bold, striking and stick in my mind.

Fashion should be fun. It should be inspiring, and bring out the smiles. If it's so understated that you don't notice it, then, really, what's the point? Frocks should always be fabulous, in my humble opinion...

Monday, January 18, 2010

rolicking good fun

I loved this film soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. Robert Downey Jr - freaking amazing. Jude Law, his perfect foil. Rachel McAdams, divine.

The plot, the cinematography, the giggles, the adventure. Sublime.

Seriously, you've got to see Sherlock Holmes. Richie's got his mojo back.

gold-plated glamour

Best thing about my migraine hangover today? I got to lay on the couch and watch the red carpet AND the Golden Globe Awards. Ricky Gervais entertained me nicely {My fave line: "I like a drink as much as the next man, unless the next man's Mel Gibson" who then walked out with a bemused expression - take that sugar tits}.

I've chosen an array of frocks above that entertained me for various reasons. Whether it's fabric, design or just all-over gorgeousity. I loved how HARD Chloe Sevigny posed in that gown on the red carpet - seriously, you've got to find footage!

Sadly, I couldn't find a pic of Mad Men's Christina Heindricks to steal. She looked va-va-voom as ever in a peachy, champagne Christian Siriano {Yep, from Project Runway!} frock. Man, her curves take danger to a whole new level...

Tonight I'm off to check out Sherlock Holmes - now that I love RDJ even MORE than I did before. Yep, I'm fulla love after the Golden Globes...

pink! and patent! {not mary janes}

To start off this monday I thought it best to brighten all our days with a splash of hot pink in the ultimate shoe fabric - patent! These little lovelies are from Giuseppe Zanotti and I've held them on my desktop after spotting them on net-a-porter on Friday {yes, after being assaulted by that danged camel purse - am I over that? Hell no!}

I had the migraine from hell last night so couldn't manage to get my eyeballs massaged with Robert Downey Jr's magnificence. Instead I dosed myself up and went to bed at 8.30. Boooooo!

Today I'm feeling remarkably refreshed, with only the slightest migraine hangover. Now I'm all psyched up and ready for the Golden Globes, please let Ricky Gervais be his usual spectacular self and provide me with fits of giggles. C'mon, I NEEEEEEEEEED it...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

cooking crush

Although I'm very happily married, I do like to have the odd cooking crush. I need a chef to tickle my tastebuds and my fancy at the same time. I've gone through a few {I'm a fickle lass} but my latest is Manu. C'mon, he's French!

And cute.

And he cooks.

And he has an accent...

I think he'll last longer than my others.

Shall I spill? Okay, well I've always had a spot for Jamie Oliver in my heart. He's obviously passionate about food, his family and his wife. And don't get me started on his humanitarian deeds. He's done some mighty fine work and I won't hear a bad word against him - so don't bother! Jamie and I are now at the old married couple stage - you know, we'll still hold hands crossing the road, but the passion's not at its peak.

Nigella's my babe-fest crush. I think she's utterly gorgeous and I love that I can totally trust any of her recipes to taste delish. Nobody who loves their food like Nigella would dare serve me up a bland recipe. I'm also fond of her taste in decorating and her hourglass figure.

I went through a bit of a bad boy stage a few years back. I'm ashamed to admit it, but for a while there Gordon Ramsay did it for me. He had a pork belly recipe that was succulent, crunchy and oh-my! His chocolate fondants also performed as expected. Then there was the whole mistress scenario and I just totally lost it. We split up that day and I've never given him a backwards glance.

Watching Hells Kitchen UK not only gave me my Ade Edmondson fix but a newfound appreciation of Marco Pierre White {let's not go into the licking of the chef's knife - sigh}. His hair, his gaze, his knife skills {stop it!} were sigh-inducing. However, out of sight, out of mind.

Which is more than I can say for Manu. Shall I be watching My Kitchen Rules? Der! I know it's on free-to-air but this little black duck's going to be sticking post-its all over the house to remind me of the screening time. As soon as they announce it that is...

Ah, Manu, mon petite chou...

seriously sunday

I know it's a sunny sunday, but I'll be sitting at my desk doing a wee spot of work today. Just a couple of hours - enough to finish off the draft of an article due next week. Husband and daughter are off to spend a bit of her shopping money at Westfield {after she'd put aside a third of it for Haiti - bless}. Then our gal's off for a sleepover at her grandparents tonight with four of her girly cousins so tomorrow will be quiet and perfect for getting stuff done.

Later this afternoon I might pop out into the garden and give the roses a summer prune and a feed, they're suffering from the crazy Aussie summer weather {hot, then cold, then rainy, then blistering...}

Tonight I'm hoping to convince my husband to get out to the cinema. I've got a Sherlock Holmes craving that can only be satisfied with a spot of RDJ...

Enjoy your Sunday x

Saturday, January 16, 2010

sunny saturday

This is what I shall be doing today. And when I'm not on the daybed with my feet up I plan on swimming. I've finally realised that a body needs some downtime to cope with the busy periods...

Last night we had an excellent dinner with our friends. We started out on the harbourside, sipping pink champagne and chatting before moving inside to peruse the menu. Tickle me chuffed to bits that pork belly AND duck were on the menu. Pork belly and caramelised pear are two exquisite combinations - and when followed by duck confit on a pumpkin rosti with wilted spinach, beetroot jam and a sticky jus... Yum.

We all ordered desserts and kept sticking our forks into each others meals which made us very happy indeed. Good food and good friends are a fabulous combination that we all need to experience.

Friday, January 15, 2010

gold-plated glamour

I'd quite like this here frock to wear to dinner tonight. It's funny, even though I'm a Leo, I don't tend to go for gold or glitz, but today... today I'm in a sparkly mood.

Instead I'll just reach into my closet and find something to wear - and maybe I'll just coat my toenails with a bit of 24 carat glam.

Actually, I think I'll go to town on my eyes. I've got a spectacular azure blue that I'll use to line the upper lashline, taking it just under and around my inner eye. Then, I've got this fantastic golden powder that I'll use under my lower lashes. A fine dusting of a glittery green on the lids, lashings of mascara and a glossy lip and I'll be set. Who needs a wardrobe full of frocks when you've got a make-up kit you're not afraid to use!

belle fleurs

I'm itching for some pretty pink flowers in a lovely jug. I think they'd just about take the edge off the grey sky and the fact that my house needs a serious, serious cleaning.

fine dining

We're off to dinner tonight with friends. We shall be dining harbourside at one of our fave restaurants, Silo. With flocked wallpaper, a massive chandelier and french bistro-esque tables and chairs it's my kinda place.

Our gal's heading up to her grandparents to stay with the English cousins again {girl knows how to wring every moment out of a holiday!} so we're child-free and ready to revel.

Now, if only the pork belly's on the menu I'll be in heaven...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

so wrong, in so many ways

Remember that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie and Big had been dating a while and he bought her a monkey-butt-ugly bag in the shape of some kind of bird? I think that's where any residual affection I had for the man died. Seriously. Ugly.

So just now, I'm perusing for pretty on net-a-porter when what should assault my eyes but this. This, my friends, is a Judith Leiber Camel Gobi fine crystal-embellished clutch. Or one big hunka ugliness.

Anywho. Guess how much it costs. Go on.

Nope, higher.

Seriously, higher.

And again.

Dude, you're not paying attention - this here's a crystal-encrusted camel.


It's four thousand and ninety seven POUNDS and seventy one cents.

That's nearly a new car in Australian dollars.

Nope, you can't put a price on taste...

tea time!



busy, busy, busy

Sparse post today - much to do. Sorry for my lack of comments today - I have things to say {Beth!} and will do so when I've knocked off a couple of essentials {you know, writing up that piece with the difficult interview subject - would you believe it's being, um, difficult}.

We had a monumental storm last night, haven't even had time to survey the yard for damage. But at least everything's greening up nicely!

Later, I'll post again later - and will also be posting on my other blog {a-ha, did you know about that one? Sara Rose and Melissa found it - even before I started writing on it}.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

colour me pretty

I'm working late tonight, mainly so I can spend some time with my gal tomorrow. But I'm in a damned fine mood. I feel as content as Mme Antoinette here with her stack of macarons. {Oh, that movie, I'm in need of a pretty-fix...}

Hey, did I tell you my news? We're off to Paris next year. Yep, Paris AND Provence. I KNOW! We'll head over in July, spend time in England with the family, then husband's catching up with a few buds to take in the Tour de France, then he and I will spend a few days in Paris. Did someone say Michelin star dining? Hell yeah! Our gal offered to stay in England with the cousins {and her aunt and uncle} while husband and I have some serious Paris moments. Bless. It'll also be the year of our 10 year wedding anniversary {and we'll be there for the 18th anniversary of when we met - I KNOW!!!!!}

Then we'll spend a week in Provence with our gal, the cousins and the sister and brother-in-law, back to the UK - and I think I may well be shopping. Then dropping.

So excited - hence burning the midnight oil and working. A gal's gotta pay for Paris somehow...

happy daze

Phew, last night was hot - damned hot. The cool change that normally kicks in when the sun goes down refused to raise even so much as a toe towards kicking in. So that meant a restless night. However, surprisingly, I'm feeling refreshed and ready to get on with the day.

One interview to do and then I'm free to climb rock walls with the gals {who, adorably, made their breakfast, and their bed, unpacked the dishwasher and are now hanging a load of washing - cuteness!}.

We're packing so much adventure into these school holidays that I'm pretty sure that even my school-loving miss isn't really missing school too much.

Best investment ever? The pool. My gal had seven swims yesterday and I had two - even tied my hair back tightly and did a few laps of fast freestyle {rather than my usual slow breaststroke}. Husband spent the day top-dressing the lawn in the courtyard {stinky much?} so it should be looking lush and green in just a few weeks time.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

some kind of wonderful

More than happy for the days to keep zooming by when it brings me ever-closer to this...

summer lovin'

Hi, how's your Tuesday going? Mine's speeding along! Trying to get an abundance of work done today so I can go indoor rock climbing tomorrow with my gal and one of her bud's who's having a sleepover tonight. Fun!

How cute are these icecream popsicles I found on Let me tell you that they're being made next time we have a family with kidlets over to dinner {when I get my entertaining mojo back - oh where, oh where can it be?}

Think I need a quick swim to infuse me with enough energy to get my afternoon's work done - and to help my poor ol' body recover from a hot, sweaty, hectic game of netball last night {yep, we won 36 - 13 - not bad for old chooks!}

Monday, January 11, 2010

shiny shoes on a grey monday

Guys, I'm moving Shoe of the Week to Monday - is that okay? The theory is that we all need something pretty to propel us through the blah-ness that is the start of the week. So this week, Marc Jacobs is having a shiny moment, and oh, me likey.

Nothing's more practical than a wedge - seriously, they're virtually flats they're so comfy and sturdy. But comfort doesn't have to equate with frump. Oh, my, no. So instead, this week comfort's all about the shiny, the silver and a spot of glitz.

For you. Cos I love you.

happy mondays

Well I don't know about you, but my weekend flew by - even though I started in on Friday! Coming down with a lurgy on Saturday didn't help - it made me spend all day yesterday lolling on the couch {although I did catch up on mucho Jamie and Giada at home}.

Cake was baked: Nigella's sour cream and chocolate and, I beg of you, if you're a fan of chocolate cake, please bake this one. It seems so thick and non-liquid pouring it into the tin, but the texture and taste is exquisite. Oh, and in the KitchenAid - super easy.

Last night I was feeling up to eating, but not cooking, so as a dear friend had my gal for a sleepover hubby and I went pub-hunting for dinner. We ended up going to the newly refurbished Delany Hotel in Darby Street. Oh my.

Duck-fiend husband had confit duck, green beens, caramelised pear and potato dauphinous. To-die-for. He thinks it may have been one of the tastiest ducks he's eaten {and considering that he and a friend have been doing 'a duck lunch tour of Newcastle' for a few months now, that's a call}. I had a gorgeous hunk of steak, perfectly-dressed salad and frites. Oh, and did I mention the bernaise sauce? Oh yeah. We came home and polished off a piece of my leftover cake for pudding. Yum.

After two scorchers the sky's grey and is threatening rain - which is fine, I'm up with all my washing. I'm also sitting glued at my desk, frantically calling around to find interview subjects for a very difficult story I'm working on. If I can do this one, I can do anything.

Enjoy your monday!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

lazy sundays

Damn, I'm having a lazy day today. I was stricken with some weird virus thing yesterday - probably just all the pent up craziness of December/Jan bursting out of my system.

So today I'm listening to my body and resting it. If only my kitty-cat could be bothered to strum a ukulele to lull me to sleep. Lazy critter...

Saturday, January 09, 2010


Getting a little vitamin D can boost your mood. So go on, it's a gorgeous day out there - get out and enjoy it!

happy weekend

It was the rather fabulous Mr Bowie's birthday yesterday. Sigh, does that man have beautiful bone structure or what? So this weekend, I'm going to chill, and do what Bowie would do.

That'd have to be something cool right?