Tuesday, March 30, 2010

avoir soif

In cause for celebration we had the final french lesson last night and after one semester I'm starting to feel confident. It's taken a while, but things are finally starting to sink in and I'm learning to think french. Hurrah. I went to the Monday class last night instead of my usual Thursday, but luckily one of my fellow classmates also attended. It's amazing how quickly you can bond isn't it? After nine weeks I feel like I know these people - mainly because we have a love of all things French in common.

We were asked to bring along foods and drinks to share last night so I took a bottle of champagne and a bottle of cassis - along with a few glasses and was amazed that I was actually introducing a few people to the delicious aperatif Kir Royale. A splash of the blackcurrent liquer cassis in the bottom of a champagne glass not only makes it look ever-so-pretty it's a rather festive way to start off an evening. I think I created a few converts last night.

Tis pouring today. My towels are still on the clothes line from yesterday, so I'll need to bring them in and spin them before moving the clothes line undercover. The rain is giving the garden a much-needed drink though. If it holds off for a moment I'm going to dash out and throw some dynamic lifter under the roses - I'll give them precedence over the towels.

Enjoy your Tuesday! {oh, and translation of my title - I'm thirsty - which I am after looking at that piccy - however, 11.34am may be a teensy bit early for kir royales...}


  1. Congrats on "thinking French" now!! I must try this champagne and liquor you mentioned, it sounds divine!!

    Hope you dry out soon! Have a great Tuesday!!

  2. Oh you must try it AFaNM - it's perfection!

  3. A Kir Royale sounds good right about now. I'v never had one before.

  4. Well E. you must rectify that straight away - you deserve one!


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