Wednesday, March 24, 2010

beddy byes

Bedtime is my favourite time of day. I love pulling back the covers, snuggling into my pillow reading a chapter or two and then drifting off. That's what I'm loving about the colder change {well, what we're getting of it}. Sleeping on a hot summer's night is never an appealing prospect, but in autumn and winter... oh my!

Last night I finally managed to remember to watch Survivor Heroes vs Villains and oh, my, word am I glad I did. I'm in love. Boston Rob is everything I remember and his comment about Russel being a 'hobbit on crack' had me squealing with glee and rushing to add it to my Facebook status {husband wasn't home and I really felt the need to share}.

I'm a bit sad about Rupert though. Remember how good he was when he premiered? And then he was on some kind of All-Stars series and built that dreadful hut by digging a massive pit, covering it, and then being surprised when it filled with water. On an Island... This time around Rupert's giving me the sads again. Surely if you have the opportunity to return you do everything better the second time around - like Boston Rob lighting fire without flint {and making witty quips that will fill me with joy for years to come}. But no, Rupert this time around flings Jerri face-first into a pole {apparently he didn't mean to - but seriously, what was his intention?}

Bring on next Tuesday night.


  1. I haven't been watching this season, but all the names you've just mention I definitely recognize. I'm so sorry Rupert is such a bust. He was definitely one of my favorites!!

  2. I loved Rupert so much first time around, but now? Not so much. I will give him a chance though as I love him so.

  3. You may well have been in our lounge room last night with your observations. Macdonalds completely agree. It was pure, classic Survicor last night. Oh my Jeff Pobst did I enjoy it! I agree completely about Rupert - he is just adding nothing at all. I LOVED the immunity challenge when Probst gave it to Colby. I can NEVER understand why the ladies choose these skimpy little bikinis to wear like they didn't know they were coming onto Survivor and not a tropical holiday? And wouldn't you prep yourself beforehand on Man v Wild on how to build shelters? C'mon people that is just good practice! Jerri is the only one with a sensible crop top on. Clearly I am a mother! The oiling up was also hilarious! All in all a great double ep!

  4. Classic indeed! Let's not even go into James all oiled up - my old lady heart may not be able to cope with the memories...

    Actually, I thought Pavarti's shoes seemed far more sensible than her last outing - but why can't the villains build a shelter? Is it because they know that anyone who steps up and starts building one is automatically voted out?

  5. Huge Survivor fan here although I've missed a few series due to the TV stations mucking up the programming. I still love Rupert, I reckon he's just not had his chance to shine this time and having a broken toe probably hurts more than it seems. You know he's on facebook and you can friend him LOL.


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