Wednesday, March 10, 2010

blast and damnation

You know how horrid and frustrating it is when you suddenly lose a follower? {As I did today - gained one "Hi Ben" and lost one "Bye-bye errant friend..."} Well, I reckon I've discovered something worse - being dropped off someone's blog-love-roll. However, I think I know how this happens.

See, the person {let's say their name's PinkPatentMaryJanes} decides to add some new blogs to her roll, ones she's been following and loves. So, it takes her heaps of time to track them down, add the urls, you know the drill. Anyway, so she does so and is very happy and trots off only to come back later and find many of her faves had dropped off.


So I've just spent yonks trying to reinstate everyone but if you were here - and now you're not - it's not because I don't love you. I've just lost you temporarily. Let me know and I'll put you back on.


  1. Whoopsie - and I thought I was the only one to do this!

    I'm there, so all's good in the world of madness.

    Oh, hang on - what about my thoroughly debasing roller derby dame blog? Yes, I am a shameless you know what...

  2. How to solve the problem of the stagnant follower list? I have been stuck on 48 forever. I know it means being active and commenting but I haven't the time. Contrarily, you, are a gem at commenting so always get more followers.

    How was that?

  3. Beth, no wonder I adore every little bit of you!

    Madmother, damned straight I'll be adding your roller derby dame blog. I'll probably delete everyone else in the process - but hey, surely it's worth it!

  4. It's me. You are not showing me any blog love anymore! :(

    And I need all the friends I mean readers I can get! :)

  5. i dont really care if i lose followers. is that bad? i blogged when i had no one reading it and would blog if i lost all the followers tomorrow.

    fairly sure you follow my blog ;) cause you comment.

    i have been flat out with prac at the moment. and really this is my first time going back through blogs! lol in the last few weeks!

  6. I understand your frustration having recently "lost" a stack of friends on facebook. Strange how it happened - I still don't know!

    Would love to be added back to your blog list...I seem to have wandered. You're very sweet to make the call out.

  7. I KNOW!!!! I've been working for WEEKS to fix my blogroll, I totally haven't taken anyone off the damned thing, it just dissappeared and will.not.reappear despite my efforts.

  8. That's happened to me too. Very frustrating!

  9. Girls, I'm hoping it's been rectified - E. you're back on, Julie, you were just hiding!


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