Monday, March 22, 2010

child's play

You may have read the report in yesterday's sunday paper where outraged parents were calling for ratings on concerts. One woman who'd taken her 9-year-old along to see Lady Gaga was 'shocked' at the language and carry on at the concert. I'm shocked that she'd taken a nine-year-old to an adult's concert.

Seriously, where's the perspective? I don't allow my daughter to watch video programs - she sees enough on the Disney Channel to sate her appetite. And as for a concert, well, maybe when she's actually expressed an interest in attending I'll take her along to a concert appropriate for her age - after doing some research first. There's no excuse for ignorance. Googling Lady Gaga would come up with some pretty disturbing stuff in the first page I'd imagine. Have you seen her latest video? I have, and while I thought it was pretty amazing there's no way in hell I'd allow my child to glance in its direction.

Let 'em be kids. It's not for long. Sure they'll want to grow up and push boundaries, but that's where we as parents step in and judge what's appropriate. I'm fussy, before my daughter sees a film I google some reviews, preferably ones that'll let me know exactly what type of inuendo or language will be featured so I know what I'm prepared to explain - and what I think needs to wait till later.

Some stuff may go right over their head - or could sit in there bothering them quietly. I'd prefer to stick with age-appropriate music, films and activities and let my gal grow up at her own pace - not thanks to what I think is cool. We're her parents, not her best friends.


  1. Gosh I am a full-time LURKER on your blog today!
    Yes totally agree, totally sick of nobody having to take responsibility for their own decisions these days. You would have to have been living under a rock to not know what Lady Gaga is all about!
    I went to a Snoop Dogg concert once & thought it was kinda cool that some fans had their 2 little kids there who were seriously getting down to the music... until the group of teen boys right next to them sparked up a spliff, as did Snoop Dogg ONSTAGE!
    But I mean, c'mon people, that's what the guy is famous for! Is it his fault or the parent's then?!

  2. I'm with you. I'm always surprised by the number of people who want everyone else to bear the brunt of their lack of responsibility and bad judgement. They want to be saved from themselves. Come on people - common sense!

  3. Exactly. My daughter listens to a lot of our music, but we've gone through it all first.

    And DarNonymous, I've missed you so much you're welcome to hang out here AS MUCH as you like!

    Ah, Allison, common sense - apparently it's skipped a generation...

  4. Good point. But maybe we do need ratings for concerts and such. After all isn't half the population of below average intelligence?

  5. I am with you too; I was so shocked when I've heard parents were complaining of inappropriate language...c'mon what they were expecting at a Lady Gaga concert...God bless us all?! They should have been refused access into the venue with kids...I am indeed speechless....what were the parents thinking? sorry for not being around so much last week, hope your daughter is better; love

  6. I'm definately with you! Saw a lot of kids at the Pink concert last year, and I thought it was too much for these kids, but It was the concert I expected to see. Parents have the responsibility to research it themselves. A lot of the talking is ad-libbed so cant be pre-censored.

  7. It was a Lady Gaga concert. What did she expect? Take responsibility for what you expose your kids to, and please don't take them to a Lily Allen concert.

  8. ....
    I can't believe someone even took the time to let this women complain to a national audience.

    Lady Gaga = Not for you 7 year old.
    Stupidity wins in straight sets.


  9. I really wonder about some people being parents. As you say, let me them kids for as long as you possibly can.

  10. I agree - parents need to take responsibility. If they're wondering about the content of a concert, they should do a little research about the artist and previous shows, in my opinion.

  11. Jacquie, I know what you mean, but these will be the same parents who allow their kids to watch M-rated movies and play MA+ games (I kid you not, there are boys in year one who express disbelief that other kids aren't allowed to play MA games on the PlayStation!)

    Oana, hope you had a lovely break, my gal's feeling much better - thank you xx

    Yes, Belinda, I know plenty of girls in my daughter's year who went to Pink - and on a school night. C'mon. Love Pink, but she's far too raunchy for primary-schoolers.

    Ooh yes Vicki, my mother-in-law heard one of the sweeter Lilly Allen songs and thought my gal would love her. Had to gently warn her that some of the songs were V. V. V. inappropriate!

    Melissa, yep, the ol' stupidity thing is rather common sadly.

    Kakka, totally and utterly with you. Childhood should be magical and lovely - enjoy!

    Megan, we seem to forget that things are our responsibility don't we? We shouldn't need hefty fines for parking in no-stopping zones outside the school gates, we should stop and think that it's obscuring vision and could result in a death... Oh, the humanity...

    Thanks for all your fabulous comments everyone - knew you'd all be smart and on-to-it xxx


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