Wednesday, March 10, 2010

easter bunny ideas

I know that the Hot Cross Buns have been in-store since Boxing Day, but I'm starting to plan my easter treats for the kiddies in the family. I've already bought little lactose-free easter bunnies for my dairy-free-niece and now I just need to find suitable treats to post OS to the England-based nieces. I think packaging them in cute little baggies such as these found over at Martha Stewart could be the secret to success. I might try for something pretty such as unusual lollies this year. Last year I gave the girls pastel easter-themed cookie cutters and wrote out two recipes for sugar cookies {one chocolate, one vanilla}. Sweet - but without the chocolate overload!


  1. Great ideas. Love the cookie recipes and cutters. Afterall why give chocolate when we can keep it for ourselves! :)

    I think I need a coffee or a good lie down.

  2. Exactly E. Plus, I loathe bad chocolate - the easter bunny only leaves cute little lindt choccies for my daughter to hunt down. Must have deep pockets that bunny...

  3. Oh you classy minx. Put us all to shame. Contrarily, no actually, I can't use it. Worth a try.

  4. It was worth a try Beth - I did get a giggle from it if that helps?


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