Friday, March 26, 2010

follow your bliss

See this? This is one of the three bedrooms in the house that my friends and I are staying at this weekend. Three rooms, three queen-sized beds, three gals. That's a triple treat my friends and I'll bet that we're each going to enjoy it. I'm leaving in an hour {squeeeeeee}. There's champagne chilling in the fridge and cheeses ready to go alongside it in the cooler. I've packed a range of frocks and my toes are a pretty shade of mauve thanks to Melissa's post.

I tried to work out how to schedule this post so it popped up tomorrow - but it just seemed like too much hard work and I'm in relaxation mode, not working mode.

Enjoy your weekend everyone, and for those of you raising a glass let's toast to a gorgeous love story posted by Beth. After reading about the poor behaviour of so many bad boys lately, it really makes you appreciate when you find a good one. I've found a good one in my husband - we're fast approaching 18 years together - so I'm hanging on tight and not letting go.


  1. I think I want to swap lives - am green with envy.

  2. Looks fantastic, have a great girls weekend. See you when you get back. xxx

  3. Have a great time, and catch up with your friends! Enjoy!

  4. Looks just lovely. I can image the crisp, crisp linen now. I'm with MM on this one. JEALOUS.


  5. Mmmmm, looks dreamy...
    Have fun! (Or HAD fun now it's Sunday PM).

  6. Thanks girls, and yes, climbing into crisp sheets that you haven't had to wash was divine!!!


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