Friday, March 05, 2010

food mood

I'm really in the foodie mood at the moment. Dead-off eating mind, but really into looking at it. Since my migraine episode last week my appetite's gone off somewhere - not sure where - but I wish it'd come back. When it comes to choosing meals I just feel a bit, meh. Luckily tonight we're out to dinner. Hopefully some duck confit or pork belly will entice me and then ravish my tastebuds into a state of excitement again.

I'm also cooking up some canapes on the weekend for a dinner - and you know I love me some little food. I'm thinking caramelised shallot, goat cheese and walnut tarts will go down well. A nice, rich caramelised shallot with thyme and red wine, the perfect smooth goat cheese and a toasted walnut in a shortcrust case makes for the perfect mouthful don't you think?

My current televisual obsession is MasterChef: The Professionals. Oh, it's good. Last night's episode was brilliant. The two chefs each prepared two final dishes that had both dishes in raptures and I couldn't possibly work out how they'd choose between the two of them to make it through to the semis. They didn't - they both went through. Woo hoooo! Some of the flavour combinations I've been watching on these shows have come ever-so-close to kicking my appetite back into gear. {And got me craving peas - I know! - pea veloute... mmmmm}

So, happy Friday, hope you have something fabulous planned - or plan on doing absolutely nothing. Whatever it is, enjoy!


  1. I'm usually always in a foodie mood lol. I've just set myself a couple of challenges today - one will involve shelling about 70 macadamias - fun (not).

  2. Wow, you must have one tough nutcracker for that job! Good luck!!

  3. Craving peas??? Boy child describes them as little tasteless bags of water!

  4. Fresh peas E. Double-shelled, and cooked in chicken stock with chunks of pancetta. mmmmm.

  5. caramelised shallot...goat cheese and walnut tarts've got my attention:)are they easy to make?' cause they sound so delicious! have a great weekend!xx

  6. Oh, you're making me hungry. Damn this detox!


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