Monday, March 08, 2010

frock treatment

C'mon, who doesn't love Colin?
Cameron has for once, totally and utterly nailed it. The frock, the hair, the make-up - she's the total package and probably wins my best-dressed-gal award.
My love for RDJ isn't a silent one, and when I saw him in this glorious bow tie I did little squealy jumps of joy. And his presentation with Tina Fey was a moment of serious brilliance.
As Gabourey said, if dresses are porn this one's the money shot. She looks fabulous and I am now more than a little in love with her.
I can't imagine ever choosing to put these colours together, but Rachel looks utterly enchanting in this. When I saw it on-screen my hand did one of those little flutterly gestures toward my throat. Yep, I love it that much.
Helen Mirren can you just stop with the always looking so damned freaking amazing. How perfect is this dress - and she's standing with Captain Von Trapp - dammit all.
Meryl Streep pops out of the red carpet in this spectacularly draped white number. Although is that purse eating her fingers? Late-breaking news - apparently Project Runway's Chris March designed Meryl's frock. LOVE!
Tina Fey's frock looked spectacular when she walked out on stage - here it looks more leapard-printesque than I would normally care for {unless your surname's Collins - then you have carte blanche to rock it roots to tips...}. Plus, she and RDJ provided one of my favourite moments on-stage {aside from Neil Patrick Harris and the Botox and Nicole pairing in the opening number - ha!}
Molly's just as pretty in purple as she was in pink proving my point that redheads and colour are two of the nicest kind. She also got rather teary in the John Hughes tribute - so we're practically twins {I sobbed - c'mon, Molly and Ferris!}

Blogger's not letting me write below Sandy - but I do love her. This dress was marvelously pretty under the stage lights and I love how she loves her husband, and he right back at her {obviously I've had to retrospectively edit this. I did love her gorgeous words to her husband - but him? Erk}.


  1. I have to say, so far I haven't been blown away by any of this year's gowns. Poor SJP (one of my favourites) didn't quite get it right and what was with Charlize Theron's boobs?

  2. I didn't see Cameron's dress until after I'd already done my post, but I agree - for once she got it all right. She's my second best for the night (after Anna Kendrick, I'm a sucker for soft and flowy and pink).

    I haven't seen Tina and Robert do their thing (didn't actually watch much of the show, will have to You Tube it), but every photo I saw of her dress, all I could think was that she belonged on Dynasty with the leopard print. I'm glad it showed up better on TV.

    I didnt' see a single pic of Colin Firth (which believe you me, I was looking for), so I'm so glad you have one.

    I was wondering, was Anne Hathaway there? She was one of the stars I was most looking forward to seeing.

  3. Actually Melissa, I didn't see Anne Hathaway - and I watched most of the show, and the red carpet. And you know how I love Colin - I'd search for hours till I found a shot! Google Tina and Robert - it's so cute.

    Kellyansapansa, so with you on SJP - and it was Chanel so I'm doubly saddened. Charlize actually had me mouth-agape. V odd indeed!

  4. I agree with all you've said here! I also thought Demi Moore looked stunning! I just hate it though, when these women are constantly picking up their dresses so they can WALK!! (SJP!). I understand if you've got to do it outside, but to walk across the STAGE? No!

  5. I think that of this post, and a few others, Rachel McAdams got it damned well right, as did Molly and Helen Mirren. But...I want to be Helen o Meryl when I grow up soooo..........


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