Saturday, March 20, 2010

garden daze

We're finally getting some work done on our side garden. This weekend we've hired a skip bin and my husband's barrowing all the clay he's excavated and we're having it recycled through a rubbish removal company. Then we're ready to start the vegie garden, lay the gravel paths and plant the hedging. Sadly, it won't look like this picture above, but our garden was designed by the same designer - Peter Fudge. He's created some amazing gardens and came up with some brilliant ideas for ours.

We had our dinner last night at the in-laws and while driving home my husband's eagle eye spied a pile of weathered sandstone at a landscaping supplies yard - just what we need to complete a drystone wall in our side garden. We're using our salvaged convict sandstone but there wasn't quite enough left over after my husband formed the vegie garden with the large pieces. So now we're looking to hire a ute during the week and go buy a few metres and a pretty drystone wall will be ours.

Now, just to google 'how to build a drystone wall..."


  1. What a workout!

    I'm sure it will look great!

    Haven't been on in a week so missed your gals broken arm! Hope she's feeling well and photos please of the painted cast!

  2. Thanks Belinda, yes, I'll have to snap off some shots of the cast!

  3. I need to lie down in that grassy greeness. Hope you manage a swim after all the hard work - it is FAR too hot for my liking!

  4. I know - what happened to autumn that's what I'd like to know. That said, I'm inside in the air-con while husband's lugging barrows...

  5. I look forward to seeing it when it's done. xx


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