Wednesday, March 17, 2010

getting plastered

Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday. A day in the big smoke saw me leave home at 5.45am and return at 9.30pm!

This morning I'm off to take my gal to the physio to have a cast fixed to her broken arm. Hopefully they're got an array of colours to please her.

Speak to you later on xx


  1. Like lavender or pink! Poor poppet!

  2. It's white so we're painting it pale pink and gold tonight!

  3. Pale pink and gold... can you glue sequins on too or is that just going to be overkill?

    Hope you have fun.

  4. Thanks E - I've actually bought a little rhinestone loveheart decal (in pink) so, um, sequins probably isn't going too far!


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