Friday, March 26, 2010

girls weekend

I'm headed off for a girls weekend this afternoon. I'm catching up with two dear friends who I don't see anywhere near enough of - which is why we decided we needed a whole weekend - rather than a dinner or lunch chat. So I'm sending off the article that's due today and then packing the car and heading off around 4.30pm. Woo hoo. I'll be taking champagne and because it's our first night we're simply having champagne and nibblies for dinner - the whole point of a weekend away is not cooking!

So I shan't be posting this weekend - but I'll be back late Sunday with an update. Enjoy your Friday and your weekend - hope it's as fabulous as you!


  1. have fun, and I LOVE those suitcases!!!

  2. Thanks Cathie, will do. And I'm about to start my vintage suitcase hunt, my gal is determined that she's travelling vintage style when we head to England and France next year (10-years-old and already a serious head for style - bless)

  3. I hope you enjoy yourself. Looking forward to hearing all about it and living vicariously through you.

  4. What E. said (hey, it's early on a Saturday morning...)


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