Friday, March 19, 2010

happy friday

Here we are at the end of another week, and the start of another weekend. Yay. I'm just thrilled that this weekend won't involve doctors, hospitals and x-rays - so anything has to be an improvement on that doesn't it?

My husband's ploughing on with work on the side yard. We've rented a skip and it's sitting out the front ready to take away all the clay and excess dirt he's excavated. Poor poppet has a weekend of shovelling and barrowing ahead of him - better than any gym workout!

Tonight we're off to my in-laws for dinner. A lovely home-cooked roast dinner is just what we need to start the weekend off nicely. I'll be spending time with my gal, doing some work and getting the house in order after a week of activity. I'll also try to not be sad about Sandra Bullock and that cheating husband of hers. I've always wanted to be her best friend, but now even more so as I'll bet she needs a good hug and a pair of ears to cry to. So. Damned. Sad.

Oh, on the good news front I think I'm finally hitting my strides with my French. Last night we had to string a sentence together with adjectives and vowels and nouns and use the correct gender and tense throughout and I did it! I've followed Sara Rose's advice and just tried to immerse myself in the language - if I see something, I translate it to French. I also sat down and wrote out all the bits and pieces I've been having trouble with, learned it, and then wrote little sentences including the info to help it sink it. Only two more weeks and then term 1 is finished - then a three week break and I'll be back into term 2. I'm feeling more and more positive that I'll be confidently speaking the language when we hit French soil in July next year.

What are you plans for the weekend? Fun?


  1. I can't wait for the weekend either - no real plans except relaxing and enjoying this magnificent weather. Poor Sandra humiliating! Stupid cheating husband sitting all smug there during her acceptance speeches. What a douche. And well done for your French efforts! Worth a champagne me thinks...

  2. Relaxing and enjoying sounds perfect! Douche husbands - the opposite of perfect.

    Yes, I think a trip to Dan Murphy's and the french champagne section is overdue...

  3. Have a great weekend. Well done with the French lessons. My weekend will be swimming, massage and housework, so 2 good and 1 boring thing - oh well.

  4. Je suis si heureux cela a fonctionné pour vous! C'est la manière la plus facile d'apprendre quelque chose encore. Aucuns soucis, je continuerai à t'envoyer des Français pour traduire. Puisque, je t'aime comme cela.

    Now where the hell did you find that amazing couch? Because . . . I NEED IT.


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