Monday, March 08, 2010

heavy petting

I look at these buttery soft shoes from Burberry Prorsum and I just want to stroke them from now till my dying days. Oh, so, silky smooth. I'm pretty sure that you'd feel like your feet were being enfolded in the caress of the most wispy cloud when stepping out in these.

I'm feeling very fashion after yesterday's Alice In Wonderland screening. At one stage my daughter leaned over to her bestie and stage-whispered about Alice "I just LOVE her clothes" and I nearly screamed out "OH MY GOD - ME TOO!" because they were just fabulous.

I've just finished out writing my to-do list and was wondering if I should put in sections for "breathe" and "sleep". Busy times at the moment - LOVE IT. Tonight's my netball team's semi final and if we win we have to play in the grand final immediately afterwards. Eek! Shan't be walking tomorrow I imagine. I'll just park myself in my chair and try to place everything I need within easy reach.

Enjoy your Monday - and let me know what you thought of Alice. Go on, go see it now!


  1. Am SO glad that Alice was all you hoped it would be. Will be checking out for sure. The shoes? FAB! The Oscars red carpet? Just the thing to soothe my woes this afternoon...Good luck tonight!

  2. Thanks! And hugs to you - had a similar incident when we lived in Newtown. i woke, looked out the backyard, thought "I don't remember that shrub" and then the shrub moved. V scary.


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