Wednesday, March 03, 2010

if they're good enough for coco

I would love a camellia hedge. Coco Chanel adored camellias - so, obviously, I have to follow in her utterly exquisite shoes. Unfortunately the damned things grow so slowly I'd be in my dotage before they stopped being flowers on sticks and became the dense beauty you see above you. They do say that good things are worth waiting for though...


  1. I LOVE camellias - for the same reason! My Granny has always grown them at her house, and everytime I go there (since I was tiny) we go out and see how the cammellias are doing. She once held my hand and watched my tottering steps outside and down the path, and now I hold her for support while she leans on her walking stick. Flowers are just so splendid arent they?

  2. Can I make you envious? We have a camelia hedge in our garden, from downt he left hand side. I love love love it. We moved to this house only three years ago and it is part of the beautifully established garden we were so lucky to inherit. They are things of such beauty.

  3. i love fully grown, established plants such as these wonders, however i don't have the patience required to get there.

  4. Oh, it's gorgeous! I'm with you, TOTALLY worth the wait!

  5. Oh Rianna, that's such a beautiful story! My great grandparents had this amazing 'secret garden' out the back with loads of established camellias - maybe that's part of my love.

    Lucy, envy doesn't do it justice - I'm seventy shades of green - that hedge sounds amazing, as does your garden.

    Melissa, I know what you mean!

    AFaNM - I'm starting to think they are. Now, to convince the husband...


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