Sunday, March 21, 2010

just right

Last night I finished reading a rather good book {A Much Married Man by Nicholas Colleridge - $3 from the Salvos} then snuggled into bed for a good night sleep before waking and having a yummy bowl of porridge with brown sugar and a double latte. Mmmmmmm. Does life get any better?

My husband had a productive day yesterday. He moved the vast majority of the rubbish to the skip bins. He's probably 3/4 of the way through it all. He's out there now getting started while it's still cool. I'm going to get stuck into a little work before setting to clean some windows - v overdue. I gave the garden a big drink yesterday, so today everything that's in the ground will be fine, I just need to water the pots.

I can now see the bones of my vegie garden - I just need some manure and top soil and it'll be on the road to planting. Can. Not. Wait!


  1. Don't forget to put some blood and bone in too and get some straw for mulch. You may want to invest in some worms too....just suggestions from an amateur vege gardener!

    So exciting though! I love a new vege garden!

  2. Will do Jen! We've got plenty of worms in the garden - years of improving the soil have made a lovely home for them!

  3. Gaaaah, I have missed much!
    Wooo, I have just built my own planter boxes to start a veg garden too, this is awesome, I will be able to soak up all your tips for laying mine!

  4. Hope you will share photos of the great gardening works. What a great hubby you have. I just love porridge with brown sugar and it is a regular weekend treat for us in winter.

  5. Hey Dar, welcome back. We'll have to share gardening tips! My husband's just dug some gypsum through to break up the clay and I think we're adding chicken manure to balance out our soil (can't remember if it's acidic or alkalinic...)

    Kakka, photos will be up soon! And yep, porridge is a winter fave in this household too.


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