Tuesday, March 02, 2010

let's blame the white rabbit...

So, I'm a day late posting my shoe of the week. Sorry! To make up for it will you accept my offering of these utterly exquisite Oscar de la Renta. For you.


  1. Any day is a good day to post about shoes :).

    They're fab btw, I would wear them grocery shopping (wink).

  2. Oh thank you, I do need those and to do my shoe post too. I will gladly call my dear friend, Mr. Donald Trump, and offer a vat of aquanet in return for use of his AMEX black for a pair for both of us!

  3. Thanks AFaNM - they are rather spectacular aren't they? Apparently water snake features on the uppers...

    Grocery Shopping would be a helluva lot more fun in these Frannie - as would ANY activity!

    A vat of aquanet Sara Rose - you, my girl, always raise a giggle!


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