Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ma jardin

Here's the results of this weekend's labour - my husband's not mine. Our vegie garden has had a few tonnes of soil and rubbish removed from atop of it and it's been dug through, has had gypsum applied and is ready for the manure and top soil before planting. Through the centre we've got a wee step and we're going to use the large pavers we have left over from the backyard to form a division between the two gardens. They'll go beautifully with all the reclaimed convict sandstone we've used as edging. Now, the photos don't do it justice, but these chunks of sandstone, as well as being over 100-years-old are also huge and damned heavy. My husband's managed to use his brute strength to lug them into place, and built some mighty nice muscles in the meantime!

Now we just need to move a bit more of the soil {by we, I mean he} and bring in some topsoil, paint the fence charcoal to match the rest, build up the fertility of the soil and plant in winter for a Spring garden. Excitement!


  1. Ooooh, I love a fresh new garden, so exciting!
    It looks fantatstic!
    Just one question though, how do you get your husband to do all the heavy lifting?!

  2. Medical excuses - my bad back excludes me from it. Plus, he likes to consider it a workout! Bonus!

  3. Can you send him up here? I'd like to have a vegetable garden and yours looks great!

  4. Sorry E. he's still got a fair bit to do here first! Can't wait to plant it out - isn't it gorgeous!

  5. Can't wait to see the vegies sprouting, the raised beds look great. Good find with the old sandstone.

  6. The old sandstone was actually part of our old retaining walls Kakka. I insisted they gently removing it and store it down the side of the house as I was determined that we re-use it. It's just beautiful and makes a gorgeous raised bed doesn't it?


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