Tuesday, March 02, 2010

on the shelf

Know what I need? Shelving. I've been dwelling on it for sometime now and think it's time to act. I'm going to file away some images of what I need then draw up some plans and then move into action. Don't you think that anything would be possible with a room like this one?

Mainly because of how perfect the leadlight window is in this picture. I adore leadlight and always gaze admiringly when I spy it in a home. My mum and step-dad create gorgeous leadlights - and have made some amazing pieces for the mudbrick home they're building. I think leadlight's just the most amazing way to sneak a little colour into a home - and let's face it, a little colour's always appreciated.


  1. I agree, this is a gorgeous, functional space. Good luck with your shelf shopping!!

  2. It's a lovely space there. I like the leadlight and I also really like the sticking out decorative plaster bits on the walls. I'm sure they have a name but I have no brain today.

    Both of the leadlight and walls remind me of my aunt and uncles house. They have the decorative ceilings too.

  3. Oh wow, E. your aunt and uncle's house sounds amazing- love an old house with character!

  4. Mudbrick home? Oh you totally need to post a few pictures of it - sounds fascinating!

  5. It is PTT - taking them years to build because they're making everything themselves - not only leadlighting the windows but making the frames that go around said windows...


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