Monday, March 29, 2010

ou est la piscine?

Summer seems to have decided to go out with a bit of a bang this year. This weekend we had temperatures in the 30s - and it's meant to be autumn! At least we're getting the most out of our swimming season. I am looking forward to a change in temperature and the shift to cozy flannelette sheets from crisp cotton. I'm also keen on ditching my 'jeez, I've worn this stuff to death' summer wardrobe.

This week's started out well. This morning started with some more work and responses to an email interview were exactly what I need to finish off an article. Thursday night we're out to dinner with friends for a degustation with Brokenwood Wines at Bacchus, that lovely restaurant we went to a month or so ago. This weekend's easter and we're just going to loll back and relax I think. Saturday we're heading up to Singleton to check out a gorgeous store, Worn Out Wares where I intend to buy a few choice items before we have a lovely lunch in their cafe. We'll collect my in-laws on the way - they like a day trip.

Sunday our gal will wake to her traditional easter egg hunt - must say that I'll be the Easter Bunny finds the options much more pleasurable since our backyard's been completed - and doesn't have to leave eggs hidden on verandas!

Okay, off to learn my french numbers to 100 - apparently we're playing bingo tonight - a game I've yet to master in English... Wish me luck - bonne chance!


  1. Good luck!!!!! I know what you mean in terms of clothing. Sick of wearing the same old skirts or shorts (all of which seem to have holes in them!!!)

  2. Your week and weekend plans sound lovely.

    Good luck playing Bingo.

  3. Good luck! I love bingo!

    How good has the weather been! Although it could be just a little cooler, as I am def ready for some colder weather!

    My friend at work used to work for Brokenwood Wines, she still does the occasional shift every now and then, just enough so we can get in on her staff christmas special buy each year! Have fun!

  4. I'm ready for Autumn to start. I'm finished with summer (and daylight saving)

  5. I'm jealous - it was a cold, wet, miserable weekend here in Adelaide. I'm so not ready to say goodbye to summer!


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