Wednesday, March 31, 2010

pink of perfection

If I had a fridge as pretty as this pink Smeg number I'd keep it ever so clean and only stocked with the finest Perrier Jouet champagne.

Probably a good thing I have an old, white Fisher & Paykel isn't it?


  1. Oh. Um. Wow. Although my hubby would probably have a 'pink fit' this is surely the fridge of my dreams!

  2. It's beautiful isn't it? My husband loves them as well, but as our fridge is hidden inside a walk-in butler's pantry off the kitchen I could never justify it {I'd hide myself away in there or hours stroking it probably! } x

  3. I have wanted one of those pink smeg fridges forever. Like, totally, for-EVER.

  4. Hey there, I saw your profile on my site and wanted to stop by and say thanks for the follow luv=)

    and ohmygawd! A pink fridge?! It's soooo pretty!

  5. I love it!!!

    My Dad's house has a pink toilet, which is as awful as it sounds, but a pink fridge - that's cool!


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