Tuesday, March 23, 2010

playing catch-up

Whew, all my pressing deadlines have passed. I still have work to do, and then I need to start the onerous task of pitching story ideas to editors {eek} but today's catch-up day. There are piles of washing calling my name, shopping to do, meals to plan, watering to do... So the plan is to slowly chip away at all of this, breathe, and stop for a second and look around.

So I'm also taking a break from the computer - just for this morning. I'll be back after lunch. In the meantime, how much cleaning would you get done with a pretty pink spotted laundry basket and all the other gorgeousness on display in the image above? It'd have to make cleaning a pleasure don't you think?


  1. Go PPMJ go! I should be doing a million other things yet I find myself here. Hmm...

  2. And, am I here, or am I actually having a break from the computer. Hmmmmm. Have put on a load of washing though, and sorted the other!


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