Monday, March 08, 2010

red carpet pretty

Yes, I'm busy, but not to busy to check out red carpet looks. Obviously I'm still fond of the pale, blush pink shades... Have been checking out the fug girls live blogging and am v looking forward to Sandra Bullock {in a good way} and Diane Kruger {who apparently has had a 'Oh, honey, no moment}.


  1. "Oh, honey, no" is being polite. Trust me.

    It's more a " weren't kidding? Really?"

  2. I knew I could come here first for all the goss. Was out tonight and missed all the hupla! Thanks for a great selection of stunners...

    Now go on, show me Diane.

  3. No, Melissa, I can't. It's Chanel and I just don't like it! That's two Chanel frocks I'm not fond of (SJP wore the other. I KNOW!)

  4. Some of these I like, many I don't - but I suppose that is why we all dress differently.

    Thanks for sharing them, I too missed the hoopla.

  5. I did my own post o the Oscars and my shoe of the week to attempt to cure my Monday funk. Neither worked, but they are pretty!


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