Sunday, March 21, 2010

sunday's child

If there's one thing I aspire to be it's neat and organised so these Stella McCartney Day-Of-The-Week undies may well take me where I need to go. Seriously, day-of-the-week undies, with their own cute lil boxes. Seriously, have I died and gone to cute-heaven? Or am I just hysterical? Either way there's some serious coveting going on in this part of Merewether...


  1. You are going to bankrupt me if you keep posting stuff like this. They are just adorable and I must have them!

  2. lovely. i could use a little more organisation in my life and not searching for knickers every morning would be a good start!

  3. Day of the week undies always remind me of When Harry Meet Sally. Apparently they didn't make Sunday undies because of God. Obviously times have changed now. :)


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