Tuesday, March 30, 2010

teasing on a tuesday

Spoiler alert!

Now, you've probably already heard, but John Corbett has confirmed that he's filmed scenes for the new Sex and the City film. Of course nothing else has leaked but fingers crossed that the script writers spied my old blog post written before the first film.

A refresher, updated to bring in what I know of the current plot.

Aiden's wife has died in a tragic accident. He sadly soldiers on, bringing up his young son, Potato Head, as a single parent. Then, he jets off quickly to Abu Dhabi for a furniture expo where he bumps into Carrie who finally realises that she was a complete and utter nincompoop for letting this man go TWICE and they rekindle their love affair, marry, and live happily ever after.

C'mon - who wouldn't want to see her reunite with Aiden? Absofrickinlutely!


  1. What about that desperate-can't-live-without-you-type-love with Big? waaaah! I love big. Aidens' sweet with Tate(r) but Carrie belongs with Big!!

  2. I SOOOO agree with you! Aiden is so much better than icky Big.

  3. Mmmmm...I have admit to being totally over Big. Big is the guy you date, or marry for a little while.
    Aiden is the one you grow old with <3

  4. I agree with Kathryn 100%

    I loved Aiden and Carrie.

    Big is creepy...

  5. Big is a pain - he's a total man-child who needs to go on Dr Phil.

  6. Let's hope common sense prevails in the new film!

  7. although aiden is an entirely better man than big, he's not right for carrie (in my humble opinion). in fact, he's probably too good for her.

    don't you think we all have an aiden and a big in our lives? i do.

  8. Actually Kate, you're right! I always identified with Carrie {shoe fetish, writer, curly hair} but she's far more self-absorbed than me, and therefore, as you say, undeserving of Aiden. Thanks for the insight x


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