Monday, March 29, 2010

tie me up

Doesn't everything look prettier with a bow? These Valentino shoes caught my fancy this morning and it wasn't just the crisp black and white patent that set my heart a'flutterin'. Adding something a little bit quirky to an item is essential as far as I'm concerned. And the bow detailing on this lover-licious pair of shoes really does it for me.

Busy day today. My lil' netball team has umpiring training this year so I'm going along to help bolster their confidence. My first ever umpiring episode ended in tears {my own!} so I don't want that for my girls. If they're confident and well-supported they'll do just fine. Then, tonight, I have my final french lesson for the term. We're all taking along some french food or drink and having an end of season celebration. Sante!


  1. I COULDN'T agree more! I love bows. On EVERYTHING!! These are dreamy! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great shoe - would make my legs look like a rugby-playing Hobbit, but I do like to look! Enjoy all the French fun tonight.

  3. Rugby-playing hobbit - love that! Thanks for the giggles.


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