Friday, March 12, 2010

to do, do, do, do, do

I seem to be having some timing issues at the moment. I've got a lot of work on which is absolutely fantastic. Because I'm one of those rare individuals who loves their work I refuse to complain no matter how bogged down I become. I also refuse to turn down work {unless I'm asked to write something I'm actually opposed to - which hasn't happened yet}. So aside from my 9.30 to 10.30pm viewing of MasterChef: The Professionals {which I love, love, love and will die when it finishes tonight} I'm pretty much just working and mothering, with the odd spot of wifing thrown in {not a word - but you know what I mean - being a wife...}

So of course, there are things that fall to the wayside. My walking for one. Sure, it's been raining, but that's no excuse for not getting out - they have invented umbrellas. And yes, I have had a bad back lately - but that's probably because I'm sitting all day and most of the night at my desk and I'm not walking! And last night at French lessons my teacher told me I need to study more {my irregular and regular verbs, and the old - I have, you have, they have, we have...} Now, this I am studying, but boy, does it not want to stick in my head. I've never been one who excels or even is adequate at rote learning or memorising. The subjects I've always aced are creative subjects - not ones that require me to memorise facts. So while I was able to tranlate a whole batch of text about buying a train ticket to Brussels - I can't remember how to say the masculine version of they have...

Now I'm going to make myself up a new to-do list. It's going to include some creative study time for french - where I'm going to make myself write little french sentences using all those phrases I can't understand. Then I'm going to block in 30 minutes for a walk along the beach. Oh, and it'll also include time to do all this work - but will also involve me getting off my seat every hour so my butt doesn't fuse to the chair. That can't be attractive!


  1. LOVE it! You inspire me! I need to get out of this damn chair...

  2. So long as your butt's not fused to it!!! I did do a series of stretches in the kitchen while waiting for the coffee machine to warm up. Yay!

  3. I want that to be MY work space. Actually, I want A work space! Good luck with the to do's - I have always found adding in some things that have already been done that you can instantly cross off does wonders! Or is that just me that is that mad?

  4. I always add in already done things - or easily done {such as, write to-do list!}

  5. Work your french practice into everyday conversation and life. I'm teaching Eva french and spanish and honestly this has been the easiest way for me to remember and/or teach/learn it.

    Ex. Let's say I'm going to go walk Lizzie or I'm going to brush my teeth. So I think those sentences in English then in French or Spanish. Then I just keep going through the day and despite how kooky it seems to say out loud (or think out loud) what you are going to do or what you are thinking, it really helps you just get FLUENT again.

    So. "Right now, I am typing and knitting."

    "En ce moment, je dactylographie et je tricote."

    "In a minute, I am going to brush my teeth."

    "Dans une minute, je vais me brosser les dents."

    "Isn't this silly! But it works!"

    "Est-ce que ce n'est pas idiot ? Mais cela fonctionne !"

  6. Brilliant Sara Rose - just what I needed. That will actually work for me - not flash cards or any other options. Thank you xxx

  7. Good luck with the balancing act - it sounds like you have plenty of balls in the air!

  8. I loved the "wifing"...really cool:) I totally understand you, we might need to add a couple of hours to a day so we can finish our to do list...isn't yours getting longer and longer these days? have a relaxing weekend! xx

  9. Thanks Oana! I have some rosé chilling in the fridge and home-made pizza in the oven. Mmmmm. I hope you have a lovely weekend too. x

  10. You are welcome. Somehow I got fluent in a few different languages (French, Spanish, German, and of all things Navajo from when my parents worked in Indian Health Services) and really, learning any language conversationally is far easier than flashcards, terms lists, etc.

    If you are a younger learner, like Eva, for example you do have to do those things. Just like we point out a tree to a baby, a french woman would do the same in her own tongue.

    BUT, as you get older, you THINK differently so therefore you LEARN differently. In order to get myself able to teach Eva, not only did I buy material to teach her with but I started working it into everyday language for my own recall.

    Your friendly favorite fellow francophile!

  11. I so want that workspace. And I NEED that organiser.

    I also need to make a schedule for, excerise...etc. So many parts of my life are being neglected like reading blogs and blogging. Thanks for adding me back on your blog lurve list!


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