Monday, March 15, 2010

two to tango in

Well, after that weekend I need to start the week off well. So here are two shoes of the week for you. TWO. The black beauties are Fendi - and aren't they utterly fabulous? Normally I'm not a fan of lucite, but this platform is just utterly exquisite. The delicate little pretties below are Valentino and they're making my heart ache. I have an itching to visit a haberdashers to find organza flowers to create my own vision...

Thank you all so much for your lovely, lovely wishes after my darling daughter broke her arm. She walked into school like a rock star this morning, the centre of attention and ever-so-proud of herself. I spoke to her poor teacher who now has THREE girls in her class with broken arms and we've worked out how she'll get through everything. Hopefully when her arm's in the correct plaster she'll be able to grip a pencil well enough to write legibly.

Phew, I'm off to have a coffee and a hot cross bun - I've decided it's close enough to easter to justify buying one. So, tell me about your week - what's happening?


  1. Haberdashers! That word has put a smile on my face this morning - thank you PPMJ :)

    This week I have no plans thus far. Will be trying to soak up as much time with the ladies as I can as the deadline for going back to work is drawing ever closer. SIGH.

    Haberdashers. There, that's better.

  2. If only you could go back to work in a haberdashers...

  3.! I NEED these beige shoes!! I'm in love!

    So glad your daughter is acting like the ROCK STAR she is!! Cheers!!

  4. AFaNM - those shoes would look FABULOUS in Vegas baby...

  5. Wow, three girls in one class with broken arms. Are you sure they didn't plan it? :P

  6. Those shoes are amazing...and yet, all I can think about is sore feet. I'm flats all the way these days. Sad, but true.

  7. Kellyansapansa - you'd think so wouldn't you!

    Alison, when my gal was wee I was purely flats, now I heel up for special events - and live vicariously once a week through my blog!

    Sara Rose, I don't blame you. Spicy, yummy, buttery goodness. Yum!

  8. Oh wow... I love the Valentinos. They are simply beautiful.

    Looking at the black ones makes my feet ache - just a bit toooo scary for me!


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