Wednesday, March 31, 2010

utterly essentials

Busy, yet calm, that's my mantra for today. The to-do list is long, but do-able. The roses are fertilised, the towels and a load of my husband's sport and garden clothes are washed {with a cup of white vinegar added to deal with the sweat - he's been working hard}, I've sent off one piece that was due and plan on starting the other at 1.30. I also need to tidy the living room and kitchen and fly to Coles for the makings of dinner.

Best get on with it then.


  1. If you have any spare time my kichen and family room need tidying. :)

  2. Mine are still be tidied E. Why do we have to keep on doing it? Why don't those rooms stay all lovely and clean and tidy? Oh, that'd be the people living in those rooms... x


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