Wednesday, March 24, 2010

wee birdy

Should I be finishing off the article that's due on Friday? Yes. Should I be researching the other one due next Wednesday? Mmmhm. Perhaps I could wash my daughter's sheets before they walk out of her room and throw themselves in the washing machine? Well, yeah. Or I could be planning my netball training schedule for this afternoon. But, ah no.

See, I did just tidy up my actual desk and that inspired me to tidy up my computer desktop which is where I found this pretty Marc Jacobs purse that I'd happened upon on net-a-porter and it would be wrong of me not to share it with you.

Productive. For you x


  1. Your questions sound so similar to the questions I've been asking of myself. I should simply focus on completing my assessments (two of them! one an essay I am yet to start) which are due next Friday. I'm so easily distracted. I better hop to, lots to do :)

  2. Actually, life and the memoirs I find that merely writing it down on my blog makes me do it all. I've done all but two tasks (the most important- writing!) but am going to knock those over after lunch. Good luck!

  3. Oh no, I am now tempted to shop some Net a Porter now!

    Oh and should I go back to work? Na, I'm having too much fun reading your blog!


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