Monday, March 01, 2010

wet, wet, wet

Hi, sorry I'm late! I woke to a soggy morning after a torrential downpour last night and I've been on Canteen duty at school all morning. I had a deliciously lazy day yesterday where I did absolutely NOTHING. I even had an afternoon nap - bliss. So now I'm all recharged and ready for a productive week.



  1. I hate soggy Monday mornings,too:) We had a very chilly morning...12C, so yap! it seems autumn is here; hope you'll have a fab week!xx

  2. Wow 12 degrees! Makes our 20 seem positively balmy! Enjoy your week xx

  3. What I wouldn't do for some rain - still a long hot summer here in Perth although today is a public holiday so no work which is nice. Hope you have a great afternoon

  4. LOVING this cooler weather. We are bunkering indoors today x

  5. I took something like 6 naps this weekend. Those boots a-dor-ab-le. I'd give anything for the snow to melt and for it to just RAIN. Eva and I have cuuuuute Wellies- hers are pink with rainbows and clouds peeking out from behind the sun. Mine are black and have this amazingly awesome butterfly pattern on it- monarchs, emperors, blue morphos, you name it, they're there!

  6. Kakka, hopefully the cool change has spread over your way by now!

    Beth, isn't it just blissful!

    Sara Rose, six naps sounds utterly divine! And I'll bet you girls do have the cutest wellies!


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