Wednesday, March 31, 2010

what is love?

My Sex and the City post inspired a little debate or even declarations on men, love, marriage and lust {well, internally it did}. See, I've watched every episode of SATC, quite a few times over, and seen the film a few times too. And despite this, I don't get the Big thing. Sure, he's sexy with the whole "Abso****lutely" thing, and I love his penchant for Moon River but I don't consider him a keeper.

I guess it's because my ideal man has changed over the years. Now that I've been with my ideal man for nearly 18 years, I've realised that my dream men always seem to share attributes with my husband {awwwwww}. See, I love, love, love, love Aiden. He's my ultimate fave - sexy, sweet and with a killer line of pet names. Harry also does it for me. His love for Charlotte is unquenchable. Steve {despite his dalliance in the movie} also has a sweet, cute side and a love for Miranda that defies all odds {seriously, apart from her hair, how could you love Miranda?} Smith also did it for me for a while, and no, it wasn't his looks {although they helped...} it was how smitten he was with Samantha that rocked my boat.

I also have a thing for Hugh Grant - but only in character. Real life Hugh Grant doesn't cut it - but his lovely characters {"In the words of David Cassidy..." le sigh} cause my knees to weaken and heart to melt.

Any remaining vestiges of affection I held for bad boys have been killed thanks to Sandra Bullock's husband.

I want a man who knows what he wants - his significant other. Give me a nice guy, a sweet guy, a smitten guy - and I'll return his love and double it.



  1. is funny. I totally love the phantom from phantom of the opera and Iago from Othello - not very nice people. But then I also love really sweet guys (The teacher from Never Been Kisssed). My boyfriend is sweet in secret which I really like.

    So what I like in fiction does not always equate to what I like in reality.

  2. Ooooh, I used to love Iago when I was into bad-boys! Now I've just got a thing for Boston Rob on Survivor {shhhhh}

  3. YES!!! I am so with you, I just don't get BIG. Aiden, aiden, wherefore art thou Aiden...

    I like Blokey blokes. I think the whole BIG thing gets me because I could never be attracted to a guy who is into suits & looking so 'done up' all the time. Give me a tradie anyday!


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