Saturday, May 01, 2010

day one

One thing I am very, very remiss at is responding to and passing on awards. Honestly, it's beyond embarrassing. Which is why, when I was over at Corinne's I noticed I'd be tagged and thought I'd best play - before I forgot what the game was about. My first post was on February 8 2008 - wow, long time huh. I loved reading blogs, but couldn't imagine writing one myself. Now, I can't imagine not writing one.

Blogging has introduced me to a whole range of new friends. I feel like I know some of my blog friends better than some of my real life friends - mainly because there's such startling honesty on so many blogs - and there's no need for me to ask questions {because I do it for a living, I'm hopeless at asking questions in real life - but I'm trying to get better...}

Here's my first post - a list of things I adore and those I abhor. Nothing much has changed in that time. Although there's probably a few things I'd add to both lists - I'll get back to you on that.

Would you like to play? Please join in. Corinne's tagged a few friends I'd like to see, but I'm also keen to hear from Darnonymous, Kakka, Rhiana, Sara Rose {in the hope her fabulous blog will become public again - pretty please!}, Kate, and anyone else who'd be keen {as I said, some of you have already participated - and boy, it's been fun.}

Now, my first post...

Feb 8, 2008


starting a blog is far more terrifying than writing any article. so i thought the best way to start is with a 'getting to know you (me)' list...
i adore:
coffee in a bowl
peonies, roses and violets
giggling with my fabulous friends
slow-cooked food
creating scrummy meals for friends
my hubby and gorgeous girl

i abhor:
too much rain
4WD owners with an 'i'm more important than you' attitude
people who've been hit with the negative stick


  1. Oh yay, thanks for the tag, this is a good one!
    I love your first post, so simple but so YOU!

  2. Thank you Dar - I had to start with something. Can't wait to read your first post x


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