Monday, May 17, 2010

easily elegant

You'd think that watching three French films in three days would have whetted my appetite, instead, it's increased it voraciously. I'm now utterly besotted after this weekend's festival and am feeling all pouty at the lack of French films in my immediate future {at least the pouting will give me a certain French style non?}

Normally I'm quite on-edge and cranky when I see a film. I loathe those who chatter through the opening credits knowing how much effort the director's put into setting the scene with the opening moments {and for those who actually dare to speak during a film, hmmmphf}. But the crowd at the film festival was just as you'd expect. Older than usual, and younger too. Refined, elegant, with some amazing fashion choices. One woman with a gorgeous steely grey bob had a pair of garnet-framed glasses that were just stunning in their combination. Her friend was dressed predominantly in black, but with a fabulous pair of red suede boots that made the edges of my smile creep skyward. Despite having never attended a film solo I went to all three on my own, and while the first night was odd - by the end I was addicted.

What a weekend. It's made dealing with a sick-at-home child much more bearable.


  1. Am so proud of you going by yourself! LIberating no?! I bet the peeps were saying the same thing about the curly haired delight sitting in the 7th row ;)

  2. I've never been to a movie by myself - don't know that I ever will either, not sure I would enjoy it with no one to talk about it to afterwards. Glad you had a great time. Hope you adorable daughter is better soon. xxx

  3. There's nothing better than going to the flicks by yourself - one of my most favourite things to do.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

  4. Well done! I'm all for going to the movies by yourself and it sounds as though you did it just right. :-)

  5. Well Beth, I did dress in Vintage French for at least one film...

    Kakka, I know what you mean about the talking afterwards. I just came home and bored my husband with a re-telling!

    Corinne, it was, I loved it so. I adore going to the flicks, but it never seems worth getting a babysitter for, so I think I might do the solo trips more often.

    LIAPF, thank you! And how's the Camry? Making tough remarks like "You should see the other guy?" to the cars at the panel beaters?

  6. Sounds great. You should have asked her where she got her boots! I, for one, would love, love, love to know. They sound delish!


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