Friday, May 07, 2010

fabulously friday

Glorious weather at the moment isn't it? I've just returned from a lovely mother's day breakfast at school where we were served a pancake topped with stewed berries - which was rather delish. Tables were set up and clothed in pink and white and it was a rather lovely way to spend a morning.

I had to dash off to do my phone interview - 10 minutes till I need to call, so perhaps I can squish in another coffee first.

So, another weekend is presented to us - what are your plans?


  1. sounds like a great start to the weekend.
    we are invited to a mother's day afternoon tea at kinder on monday.
    enjoy your weekend, hope you get something special

  2. Loving the insight into your busy morning. Awww, I want a pancake breakfast with pink and white tablecloths.

    This weekend I am going to bore my family to death playing around with my new camera. Of course!

  3. Sounds like a lovely Mother's day breakfast.

    Apparently we are having pancakes for breakfast on sunday. Not as decadent as yours (just with maple syrup for me) but still yummo.


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