Friday, May 14, 2010

fabulously friday

T'is Friday, already! I had an odd day yesterday. I'm pretty sure I must have blacked out at varying stages throughout the day as I try valiantly to remember what I did. It was one of those fiddly, bitsy days where it feels like nothing's completed, but this morning when I ran through my day I realised I'd got a fair bit done.

I booked the car we're selling into the panel beater's to have it tidied up to sell. When we bought it the rear bumper was repaired in a dead-dodgy manner {think crumpled up paper and silver spray paint and you start to get the idea}. So I'll get a new one to make the car look purty and more appealing to its target market {Uni students - it's a 2003 Hyundai Getz - zippy little bugger}. I also wrote the Netball Newsletter {have to work out how to do a mass mail merge on hotmail today and send it} and wrote 3/4 of an article due today. Oh, and I took my gal for afternoon tea after school and washed the car, and studied for French. So really - busy!

This weekend's much of the same. French Film Festival starts tonight and runs till Sunday night. Netball from 8.15am tomorrow as one of my girls is umpiring and I'm going to stand beside her an ensure everyone's kind. You'd think that parents of 7-year-olds would naturally be kind and understanding of a 10-year-old who's learning to umpire wouldn't you? Sadly not. But I'll be there and won't take any rubbish - not even a roll of eyes in her direction. Next our team will play, then I'm hanging around for an hour to sell tickets to a charity screening of SATC 2 {woo hoo}. Sunday it's my mother-in-law's birthday so we'll take up some flowers and make some scones to take up for morning tea. Busy - but good non?

Okay, so today's Bloggers Without Make-up Day. I'm charging my camera's battery and will be regaling you with my make-up free face later today. I did wonder if I could slightly alter the title to: Bloggers Without Make-up {but just a touch of mascara, and maybe a tinted foundation, and a tinted gloss...} But no, that won't cut it. I'll be brave. Stay tuned...


  1. WOW! Busy doesn't even BEGIN to describe what you've listed here! Hope you have fun, and that the parents are kind to your little ump!!

  2. you are gorgeous. what great hair.

  3. Your weekend makes me feel so guilty for the lack of things planned for my weekend! All I am doing is celebrating with my boyfriend over the telephone!


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